Why Exhibit

Why Exhibit

The Truck, Trailer and Tyre Expo is an efficient way to build relationships with current customers and market to qualified prospects. One of the major benefits of exhibiting at our expo is that you can showcase your business in person. Displaying your products face to face allows you to connect with your customers directly and personally. With Thousands of National & International visitors and 100 plus exhibitors showcasing at The Truck, Trailer and Tyre Expo, make it one of the top areas to present your product range. Trade shows in general provide you the opportunity to conduct one-on-one conversations in real time and present hands-on demonstrations.

Exhibiting at the Truck, Trailer and Tyre Expo is one of the best ways to build relationships with your customers. The credibility and exposure you gain at the Truck, Trailer and Tyre Expo could be just what you need to increase sales.

  • Tailored stands as per budget and space requirements
  • Sponsorships will widen market horizons
  • Promote your product and overall brand
  • Meet and greet with business prospects to build a larger business empire.
  • One stop to interact with major worldwide players of the industry
  • An opportunity to launch a new product or services

Exhibiting at TTT will lead to

  • Lead Generation
  • Branding
  • An Apt Platform to reach the targeted customers
  • A one stop for all latest industry trends in one place
  • An Excellent opportunity to showcase new products and technologies to leading clients
  • The Right Platform to boost your business
  • An excellent opportunity to engage face-to-face with prospective clients.
  • An apt platform to connect with right partners for your business needs

Why Tamil Nadu – Coimbatore

With more than 35% of India’s auto component production, Tamil Nadu has been at the forefront in attracting investments in the Automotive Sector in India. The state is amount the top 10 automotive hubs in the world. Its capital Chennal is known as Detroit of Asia. It is a supplier of high value and critical automobile components to auto makers globally.

The Policies of the State Government have attracted several major autosector players to set shop in the state of Tamil Nadu. The state has been home for major auto component and OEMs like TVS, Standard Motors, Ashok Leyland, MRF Tyresetc from as early as the 1950s.

The state's Automotive sector growth is power by
  • Excellent Port Logistics with dedicated berths for automobile exports
  • Mature autocompletes base
  • Testing and Certifications Centers
  • Abundant Availability of skilled manpower
  • Reliable infrastructure

While Namakkal is one of India's largest trucking hubs, The Namakkal-Tiruchengode-Erode region has about 500 units in the truck and body sector. The state has Auto Clusters near Chennai, Sriperumbudur, Oragadam, Maraimalaietc
The State is also the largest Manufacturer of Tyres and home to leading TyreManufactuers like MRF , Apollo, Michelin.